Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

This document establishes the terms and conditions of V.M Bühler – Comércio de Madeira e Serviço, Lda, with domicile in Barreiros do Juncalinho – post box 7310, post code 7630-381 Relíquias, tax number 505956039, phone number +351 283926043, Email contact buehler.madeiras@gmail.com, in the following designated as “V.M Bühler”. People wishing to purchase goods or services in our business are referred as „customers“.

2. Use and privacy protection of data

2.1 Personal Information

The data that customers provide to V.M Bühler are absolutely confidential and are used exclusively for internal processes, both for billing and to improve and adapt our services. The data will not be shared with third parties.

V.M Bühler guarantees its customers access to the collected data, for correction, deletion, or supplementation by contacting V.M Bühler in writing or in person.

2.2 Cookie Terms

V.M Bühler does not automatically collect personal information from users. You can use the website without having to provide personal information, you remain anonymous. V. M. Bühler collects information that is not personal in order to optimize navigation on the website.
V.M Bühler wants your visit to our website to be simple, reliable and as useful as possible. To achieve this goal, we use cookies and similar technologies (referred to as “cookies”). Cookies are text files stored in your browser that contain basic information about your use of the website, to help to customize the content of the website.

3. Product and service information

The data, prices and specifications contained on the website or in the price lists, which you can see on site or provided by e-mail, are merely informative.
V.M Bühler reserves the right, to make changes to information and commercial offers concerning: products, prices, advertising campaigns, terms and conditions and services, at any time without announcement.
V.M Bühler tries to present all the information, regarding characteristics of the products, their prices and photos, without errors. Nevertheless, V.M Bühler is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. In case of doubt, the user can contact V.M Buhler about the available contact options.

4. Cost estimate

The cost estimates provided by V.M Bühler are valid for 15 days from the date of issue and the prices quoted are valid for this period.
Cost estimates are not automatically processed as orders, if not reserved, the product listed in the quotation could no longer be available.

5. Order

5.1 Confirmation

The order confirmation is made in writing, whereby the full responsibility for the review of the products or services contained in the order lies with the customer. V.M Bühler reserves the right to inform the customer about the availability of alternative products or services of equal or greater value and quality in the event of an unforeseen delivery.
At the request of the customer, the order may be canceled in whole or in part, unless the customer has a personalized or special order. If the customer can not be reached, the order counts as void and neither the goods nor the delivery date are kept free.
When ordering non-stock materials, a down payment must be made, which is determined by V.M Bühler. In case of subsequent cancellation, V.M Bühler retains the already received deposit.

5.2 Delivery

V.M Bühler will ensure that the ordered products are delivered properly packaged to the address and date specified by the customer for this purpose, the given address will be used to calculate the transport costs.
The specified date may change, especially due to unavailable stock or unforeseen circumstances.
V.M Bühler is not liable for late delivery due to the reasons listed above.

6. Means of payment

V.M Bühler only accepts immediate payment, whereby products or services are paid for deliveries, unless a down payment is made before delivery of the goods.
V.M Bühler offers his customers various means of payment: cash, debit card or bank transfer (before delivery).

7. Warranty

Since the main business of V.M. Bühler is the trade of construction material and as we can not guarantee the correct use of the products, V.M. Buhler is not responsible for damages. It is the responsibility of the customer to choose the material and its correct use.
The woodcuts are done with a chainsaw. The deviation can exceed to max. 20 mm. If the customer wants a precise dimensional compliance, the nearest standard length is calculated. If you opt for a clean cut, you will be billed the labor value. Product cuts made outside standard measures can not be returned.
Damage caused by bad weather is not considered as a complaint, because V.M. Buhler can not control the correct use and protection of the material by the customer.

8. Customer complaint

Complaints must be submitted in writing (by e-mail) or in person. The customer must bring the material in question so that the complaint can be analyzed and a possible return or exchange made possible. If the material has been delivered by our transport service, the customer must provide proof (a sample or photos). The collection of the material certified as defective is the responsibility of V.M Bühler.

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